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(Please Read This First)

In the five years since our last reunion, we’ve experienced a global pandemic and raging inflation. We pride ourselves in being able to keep the cost of the reunion as low as possible, while providing a memorable experience worthy of the Class of ’78. This year is a little different. We found many venues we would otherwise have looked into for the reunion didn’t survive the pandemic closures, or their prices soared beyond our reach.

We contacted The Villa, where we had the 40th Reunion, because we had so much great feedback about the roaring good time everyone had at the location. But, like everything else these days, the prices have gone up. The ticket price of $85 per person includes: the venue, meal & tip, entertainment, decorations & memorabilia, and free non-alcoholic beverages. The price was kept lower at $85 because several classmates generously donated funds to cover additional costs associated with the reunion.

We want a great turnout, so PLEASE, so please reach out to other 1978 Classmates and encourage them to attend because the more the merrier. We have always included classmates that are friends and family from other years. So please extend an invitation to classmates from other graduating years because we’d love to have them attend, especially those who didn’t get to have class reunion during COVID.

Lastly, if you would like to contribute to the fund set up to provide tickets to classmates who need financial assistance, please contact the committee or click the donate button below.

Purchase Methods

Before you purchase, make sure to complete the Online RSVP Response form or complete and send in the printable response form below, if you haven’t done so already, so we know you’re coming!

Click on the Pay Now button below and you will be taken to the WestminsterHighSchool1978@yahoo.com.PayPal account to make your ticket purchase. PayPal transaction fee are included in PayPal ticket price.

♦ Check or Money Order

If you have already completed the online RSVP/Response form on this website, simply mail your payment to address shown below.  If you prefer to submit your contact information and RSVP via snail mail, complete the Printable Response Form below and include with payment.

Printable Response Form (PDF)

Please make checks or money orders payable to:
Westminster High School, Class of 78

Mail Payments and/or RSVP Response Forms to:
927 Newhall Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Email RSVP Response Forms to: WestminsterHighSchool1978@yahoo.com

Fax RSVP Response Forms only to:
(805) 582-0220


Should something unforeseen happen that should prevent a classmate from attending the reunion after purchasing tickets, the ticket purchase price will be completely refundable until July 27, 2023.  After that date, the ticket price, minus $40.00, will be available for a refund.

Attendance Incentive

Each reunion, we try our best to keep the ticket price as affordable as possible, but for some our our classmates, it may still be a financial hardship to attend.  We don’t want finances to keep anyone from being there, so if there is a classmate would like to attend, but needs a little help to offset the ticket price, we are cheerfully offering Attendance Incentive Discounts for those classmates.  Discounted tickets will still help us defer some of the reunion costs, so we really need the help by having as many classmates as possible attend, even at a discounted price.  All Attendance Incentive Discounts are kept confidential, so please contact Michelle (Mooneyham) Fountain at her business Advanced Marine Power (949) 548-9791 and she will make the arrangements.

♦ Donations

If you are interested and capable of making a donation to help defray ticket price, please Click on the Donate button below.  You will be taken to the WestminsterHighSchool1978@yahoo.com PayPal account where you can make a donation of any amount you like.  Your donations help support the Attendance Incentive and are greatly appreciated.